Campus Cruiser
Communications Tools Wookshop
Prof. Kathy Shay & Prof. Phyllis Fleming

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      The workshop included:
  • Customizing the Welcome Page
  • Email Tools
  • Announcements
  • Message Board Use
  • Chat Rooms
  • Blogs
  • Admisistrative Controls

      CELT has already edited the Campus Cruiser Welcome Page layout to facilitate CELT interaction.

      Select a class.

      The thread appears just below the blue bar that horizontally crosses the page with the header.

      A channel on Class Information may be added as the CELTS channel was added to our home page.

      Other channels are possible, Class Schedule, for example.

      Here a HTML Notepad channel is added and its layout chosen.

      Remember to save your selections as you edit. The button is often not visible unless one scrolls down the page.

      On the left of the home page controls are listed. Student selections are listed on top and faculty / administrative controls are listed below these. If you don't scroll down, you will not notice them.

      Under Class Admin Tools, the Chat Room Manager and Class Import Manager are listed.

      The Import Manager permits one to import pages form a prior semester, from another class, or from another prof, to the page at hand (to decrease the workload).

      One may adjust the security settings, through Tool Access, so work may not be captured by another.

      One may need to use the horizontal scrool bar to find the TOOL ACCESS button (on the far right).

      Individuals and classes may be emailed while in MY CRUISER.

      Announcements may be placed on the class home page and an email sent as backup.

      On the far left, select the Announcements Editor.

      Note that it is visible on the thread below the header's blue horizontal line.

      Edit options like priority, expiration, availabilty, as desired.

      Documented "help" is available.

      The Message Board is valuable.

      Set Message Board parameters using the Message Board Manager found on the left towards the bottom of the list.

      To send a message, a pop-up web page is provided.

      Include in the Message Board, new (or other) ...

      Parameters, set by faculty (or students?) must include the Topic.

      Faculty should consider the Responses(s) Required -- immediate, delayed ...


      The Chat Room also has a manager.

      Once connected, those in the "room" are listed on the right.

      One might even scribble, draw pictures, write algebraic expressions.

      Blogging is a biggie, again, only if students have access.

      It has an manager/editor.

      Remember to save your work.

      One might even track student work through Campus Cruiser.

© 2010, A. Azzolino